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Last Updated On: 10-11-2016

Norms Set For Discharge Of Functions

                                               As mentioned in chapter II,  challenging targets are set in the MOU signed with the MoR at the beginning of  each financial  year.  These targets are agreed between IRFC and MoR in consultation with  an independent agency - ’Task Force’  set up by the Department of Public Enterprises.  Mobilisation of funds takes  in a phased manner as per the requirements  of MoR and keeping in view market conditions. Company’s professional management team headed by MD  has been  successfully achieving these targets year after year as observed from the evaluation  done by DPE  at the end of  each  year.




Credit to Investors for Bonds subscribed by them in Demat Form.

Within 2 working days of allotment.

List of Bonds

Within 7 working days of allotment

Transfer of Bonds held in physical form

Within 30 days

Payment of Interest/Redemption amount

Posted at least 7 days before the due date so that investor can obtain payment on date

Handling/Reply to Miscellaneous Investor’ queries, complaints, grievances, etc.

Within 30 days subject to receipt of commplete documents/information from investor

Compliance under various acts

On or before the due date



Debt servicing with regard to forex transactions

Within 7 days from the date of receipt of demand

  1. By Company Secretary and GM(B)
    Norms for disposal of Investor complaints etc.
  2. By  GGM(ECB)
  3. GGM(F&A)  -Vacant
  4. JGM(F&A)
    1. Payment of a bill:               Within 7 days from its receipt