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Last Updated On: 20-02-2011

Statement of Categories of Documents

[ Statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control]

  • Bonds :
    • Files pertaining to issuance of Bonds.
    • Files pertaining to redemption of Bonds
    • Files pertaining to reconciliation of Interest A/c
    • Files pertaining to Registration of duments with office of ROC.
    • Minutes of BOD/AGM/Audit Committee.
    • Rating of the Company (Domestic).
    • Misc. correspondence with Investors.
    • Share Transfer Books
    • Securitisation of lease receivables.
    • Misc. matters
  • Service Books and Personal files of  staff :
    • Records of office appliances purchased from time to time
    • Register regarding  receipt of letters/communications
    • Register regarding  replies sent
  • Accounting Manual :
    • Audit Manual
  • Fixed Deposits ( in the Corporation Bank) :
    • Money value documents ( cheques and cheque books)
    • Money value documents ( cheques and cheque books)
  • Legal instruments  relating to forex transactions (Original documents) :
    • Loan Agreements
    • Lease Agreements
    • Sub-Lease Agreements  

                                         Electronic form of documentation:  Company’s website  contain information about its profile, accounts and other information for the  information of the public.  Website name is :  and